The experienced home movers' first experience of using Brevis

Mary and Graham are highly experienced home movers, in fact they’ve moved home no fewer than nine times in the last 35 years so it’s safe to say they know their stuff when it comes to the conveyancing process.

Over the years they’ve had a few poor experiences with local solicitors so this time, as they prepared to sell the barns and land they lived on, and when they separately bought their new home, they decided to look for a dedicated online conveyancing firm.

The couple had previously used an online conveyancing service and were open to doing so again. A Google search brought them to Brevis and what stood out for them, they said, was the firm’s “advertising message that clearly stated their business principles”, and these very much aligned with what they were looking for.

They were specifically looking for “a dedicated conveyancer, supported by an online portal with maximum communication of conveyancing tasks, all at a realistic price.” The detailed and comprehensive answers they were given to a set of very specific questions regarding their buying and selling situation when they contacted the Brevis team also gave them the confidence that they were the right solicitors to choose. They were impressed from the start.

As they embarked on their property sale and purchase with Brevis, one of the many features the couple enjoyed in the firm’s approach was the “online task format, which clearly showed the entire conveyancing process” at every stage of their move. They also appreciated the security features for the online dashboard, knowing that their information was being kept safe at all times.

Being kept in the loop at every stage made the entire process much more straightforward than during Mary and Graham’s previous home moves, and it also removed much of the usual stress. They said: “What impressed us was the way Brevis didn’t just rely on the online portal to share updates or information, we also had access by phone or email to the designated conveyancer” which meant any questions they needed answering or issues they wanted clarifying were responded to promptly and efficiently.

Overall, the couple felt they had a very positive experience, feeling well-informed and supported throughout: “We always knew Brevis were acting in our best interests at every stage of the process.”

Now that they are settled in their new home, Graham and Mary are happy that they chose the right solicitors to help them with their move and will, they say, certainly go back to Brevis if they ever choose to up sticks again.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling and would like to find out more about working with Brevis, you can contact us here.

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