7 easy ways to get your home sale-ready

As the saying goes, first impressions count, especially when potential viewers may only spend 20-30 minutes looking around your home before making an offer. Now, while we’re not recommending the fresh coffee trick (unless you want to, of course!) it’s important to get the basics right.

And remember, as well as prepping for viewings, it’s also a really good idea to get your home looking tip-top before the estate agent visits to value your home and photograph it.

woman with green sheet

First up, the big tidy. Clear away all the day-to-day clutter – hide what you can away in cupboards. Or better still, take the chance to really declutter and make a few trips to your local charity shop and recycling centre.

Deep clean. Time for a serious spring clean to make your home sparkle: get into those forgotten corners, clean windows and glass until they shine, mop, scrub, polish and hoover everywhere.

woman cleaning kitchen

Freshen up tired walls with a lick of paint. Play it safe and stick with light and bright neutrals to maximise the space. Fling open curtains and blinds on the day to allow natural light into your home.

woman painting window ledge

Rearrange your furniture. Or even get it completely out of the way if you can. Your house will feel bigger if viewers can move around without having to squeeze around your furniture and belongings.

Carpets and rugs. Another easy win here, if carpets are looking past their best, how about popping a new rug over offending areas or giving it a freshen up – larger supermarkets often hire carpet cleaners.

man with boxes in garage

Minor repairs. Been meaning to fix that squeaky step, broken floorboard, or leaky tap? Now’s the time! Get your screwdriver out and sort out any little niggles so that potential buyer’s aren’t put off.

Kerb appeal. As well as tidying up and weeding your front garden or driveway, take this opportunity to fix a broken gate or paint the front door. Update your outdoor mat if it’s looking shabby and make sure that shoes and coats are tidied away neatly in the hallway.

woman with green sheet

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