Useful things to buy for your first home

By the time we become proper, grownup homeowners, most of us have lived away from home for a few years and have accumulated plenty of stuff along the way. There may, however, be a few things you’ve overlooked if you’ve been renting up until now. Here’s our quick guide to useful bits and bobs for your first home.

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Curtains or blinds: It’s unlikely you’ll be left any curtains by the seller and what you already have might not fit the window dimensions. Put up good quality curtain rails and make sure you measure up carefully before ordering new drapes.

Wardrobes and chest of drawers: Clothes storage can be a tricky one, especially in older homes with funny nooks and crannies. Try a made to measure wardrobe service if you can, your nearest Swedish retailer likely offers a flat pack version.

Paint: Even if the house you buy doesn’t need much work you’ll probably want to freshen it up and make your mark with a lick of paint.

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Garden furniture and tools: If you’ve bought somewhere that has a garden you’ll probably need some furniture and a few tools, even if you’re only planning to mow the lawn. Oh, and a barbecue is an essential bit of kit for sunny summer days.

DIY tools: Unless you’re okay with getting a handy man (or your parents) around every time something needs fixing, it’s a good idea to invest in some basic DIY tools. A drill for hanging pictures, a spanner for sorting out leaks and a screwdriver for everything else.

Smoke alarm and carbon monoxide tester: When you were renting, your landlord would have had responsibility for installing and testing smoke alarms. Now it’s up to you. Make sure you test them every month and change the batteries when needed. If you have a wood-burner or any gas appliances – including a boiler – you’ll also need a carbon monoxide tester.

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No matter how much household stuff you’ve gathered over the years there will always be more things that you need. Maybe a sofa bed for guests, or a new fridge, or that cool rug you’ve had your eye on. It can all add up, but fear not, there are clever ways to furnish your new home on a budget:

Local WhatsApp groups and Facebook Marketplace: These can be great sources of good value, or even free, bits and pieces for your home. And if you’ve moved to a new area they can even be a handy way to meet new people.

Colleagues, friends and family: Let everyone know that you’re looking for items for your new home and to bear you in mind if they’re getting rid of anything. This can be a goldmine of furniture and other household items.

Online and second hand shops: These are great if you’re happy to do a bit of hunting. You might not find exactly what you were looking for but you’re bound to find something that you can make do with while you save for your dream items.

Be savvy about bigger retailers’ sales: If you’ve had your eye on a big ticket item you might get lucky and get it in a sale.

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Moving into your first home is exciting so be sure to choose a conveyancing solicitor that’s keen to get you moved in ASAP. Find out more about how we can help you.

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