Moving day! How to make it run like clockwork

Moving day is on the horizon. Whether you like to run your life in regimented style or you’re more of a ‘push it to the wire’ type of person, our practical tips should help your moving in, or out, day be as pain-free as possible.

Packing: The big question is, when do you start? Too soon and you’ll be living with a sea of half-packed boxes surrounding you and vital kitchen equipment buried under your cat food. Not to mention that you might jinx the entire operation. Leave it too late and you’ll be tearing your hair out with the stress.

So, start with the loft or under the stairs. Sift through the stuff you haven’t touched in years and be ruthless. Do you really need to lug all your old school books that your mum saved from one cupboard to another? Save a couple, recycle the rest.

Work methodically, making lists and ticking stuff off as you go along. Use your local charity shops, consider a yard sale, put all that stuff you’ve kept piled in the corner for yonks on eBay.

And remember, if you can’t face it, there are companies out there who’ll do it all for you – not just packing up but unpacking at the other end too.

woman packing boxes

Moving van: Do your research as prices vary wildly. You may not have a move date until a week or so in advance so keep your chosen van company posted and give them as much notice as you can. Self-drive van hire is an option too as long as you feel confident moving the big stuff, and you have enough hands to help.

Labelling: As you get closer to the big day and you start packing up everyday items remember to label everything. ‘Kitchen stuff’ is too vague. You’ll want to know exactly which box the kettle is inside.

Boxes: Labelling is key but even before that consider the quality of your box and DO NOT overfill them. A huge box stuffed with books is going to be a nightmare to lift.

Cleaning: As a seller you’ll have agreed to leave the property in good, clean order, and as a buyer you’ll expect a certain level of cleanliness. It can be quite tricky to get everything out of a house and clean on the same day so you might want to arrange a cleaner to come in after you.

Meter readings: A very important job, jot down your readings on moving in and/or out day.

Childcare and pets: Make arrangements for small children and large pets, neither will be helpful on moving day.

Light bulbs and miscellaneous: As a seller you’re within your rights to remove every single light bulb from the property but spare a thought for the buyer who may not have done the same. Dinner on boxes by candlelight sounds romantic but it’s unlikely anyone will have unpacked the ‘candles box’ on moving in day.

Redirect post: Unless you want to pop over occasionally which may not be possible, it’s important to redirect your mail.

DVLA: You’ll need to get your vehicle log book (V5C) and driving licence card updated with your new address. It’s free to arrange online and you can still drive while you wait for your new card.

Spreadsheet: It’s quite an operation so why not keep on top of things with a spreadsheet. Ideally one shared between all adults involved in the move.

And finally, good luck! It’s all going to be worth it. If you’re looking to buy or sell why not contact our friendly team, we take care of the legal stuff so you can get on with the packing.

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