Upsizing – is it time to move up the ladder?

One day you look around and realise the house is literally bursting at the seams. You’ve tried clever storage solutions, converted the loft, extended the kitchen, and still, it’s become clear you just need more space.

You remember the intricacies of the last move you made and how painful it was finding the right house, getting an offer accepted, and then chasing estate agents and solicitors. But you know the time is right, so deep breath, back to the property sites you go!

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When is the best time to take the plunge? Here are a few important things to think about when it comes to upsizing.


A pretty obvious consideration but a vital one. If you’re selling in order to buy then the first thing on your ‘to do’ list should be a market valuation of your current home. Followed by working out how far your budget will stretch if you’re going to need a bigger mortgage. Maybe you’ve had a promotion or your financial situation has changed and now feels like the right time? Whatever your circumstances, at this stage an Excel spreadsheet can be your best friend.

Location, location, location

Is it everything? The short answer is, yes. Like most things in life you may need to make some compromises along the way (more of this later) but while you can make changes to the bricks and mortar of your home you cannot physically move it. So, neighbours, schools, the amazing bakery down the road, the train station a 10 minute walk from your door, all this is a clincher in the long run. What we’re saying is, don’t be swayed by the ‘perfect home’ if it’s not in the right area. Stick to your guns and make sure the house you love on paper is the home you will love for years to come.

Remember what’s important to you

Got a tick box of must have features? Good. Remember them, but also be flexible enough to move some to the nice-to-have list if needs be. It’s also helpful to be decisive, if there’s two of you making the decision then go to viewings together. It’ll save time, and potentially snag you the house you want if you put your offer in first.

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Preparing your house for sale

Help potential buyers fall in love with your home. We’re not recommending the fresh coffee trick (unless you want to) but it’s really important to get the basics right. First up, spring clean everywhere before the photographs are taken, and if you can, a lick of paint will really help freshen up tired walls.

Choose the right conveyancing solicitor for you

Finally, get prepared by choosing a conveyancing solicitor that’s right for you and is keen to help you get sale-ready. Working with a team that you can build a relationship with, that communicates regularly and effectively with you and all other parties, can make sure your selling experience is fuss-free.

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Moving homes is exciting so be sure to choose a conveyancing solicitor that’s keen to get you moved in ASAP. Find out more about how we can help you.

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